Who are we

Fairy Tale Chess Shop
Klosterbakken 20 E
5000 Odense C
I'ts a small workshop, that has specialized to design and make wooden chessmen by hand, representing some of the well-known fairy tales of the danish poet Hans Christian Andersen.
Over time, new fairy tale chess games will be designed and added.
Designing the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale chess pieces, already started 10 years ago. Actually, intention was not sale. Meanwhile, for many yaers, so many inspired people gave a clear indication, to the unique chessmen and I decided to make the fairy tale chess pieces in a very limited extent.
It's important, that the chessmen are hand-crafted and do not bear the stamp of mass production. Many working hours are used in every single chess game. For this reason, only a limit numbers of chess games is to buy.
The chessmen are turned in wood and preliminary, they will be manufacted in the fairy tale : The Shepherdess and the chimney-sweep, The Tinderbox, The Swineherd and in the beautiful danish guardsmen.
The perfect unique gift to you having anything, to the staff and to business contacts.
Over time, I'm are planning to open the little Hans Christian andersen Fairy tale Chess workshop to sale and people to look at my work.