The Story

The story about Hans Christian Andersen and the little Dänish workshop, making fairy tale chessmen

In a world of fairy tales, in the little workshop, well-qualified painters are decorating every single turning wood chess figure with a brush. All chess games represent fairy tales of the Danish fairy tale writer H C Andersen. The chess peices are unique and they only be manufactured in the little workshop in the old studwork house with the thatched roof in Odense.

The story goes, that H C Andersen as a child visit the house with his mother, who was a washerwoman. At that time, people talk about the child as "the long one".
The house lies in the turning and maybe, it has inspired Hans Christian Andersen, when he wrote : Where the road bends, there you see.... from the fairy tale Mother and child.
"How wonderful it is there out in the country", H C Andersen wrote and then he draw a picture for one's inner, being a fairy tale......

The old studwork house with the thatched roof, is still here, even if it is a bit more arranged. But one's inner imagination gains the impression, how the place was, when H C Andersen as a child, came into the house with his mother. It keeps going the imagination and get a fantastic glow of fairy tale, rubbing off to the design of these unique fairy tale chessmen

Hans Christian Andersen wrote 156 fairy tales, as to this very day, they be readed from all over the world.
He liked to write and already as a child, he dreamed to be a famous poet, hearing all people says : There goes the famous H C Andersen.

14 years old, Andersen goes to Copenhagen to catch the luck and he was lucky.
Soon he knew many people, who gave him money, because they believed, that some time, he would be a famous man. - As you know, it cames true.

At the time of his death in 1875, H C Andersen knew, that the fairy tale he wrote, people will never forget them. Children and adults always will have cause to celebrate his fairy tales.
His thoughs still live on in the fairy tale, he has given to the people, all over the world.